The Organizing Department of United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Refrigeration Mechanics Local 525 has been organizing in its jurisdiction for over 20 years now and have made remarkable gains in both market share and percent organized.

Local 525's growth from 2007 til 2009 was largely because of a huge boom on the Las Vegas Strip but since then a large amount of that work is now on hold and the majority of our UA members are working around the country on a number of industrial jobs.  To get more work and keep what work the UA contractors have, we needed welders.  The UA made a general mandate to get all the combo welders into our membership.  Local 525 and its Organizing Department have tested and organized those workers which has helped secure more of that industrial work load all over the country. 

Secondly we are continuing our work with our Service Contractors to get more of that market.  Working to get the HVAC Apprenticeship up and running and to make more HVAC education and training available to help member’s crossover into service positions. Organizing good HVAC hands is helping and will continue to put more guys to work in our Service market. 

The Organizing Department is organizing more companies to fill holes in our market share.  Using Union Labor has help grow our new companies too.  We are still needing more companies to sign with Local 525 and it's the number one goal for the Organizing Department and to stop non-union companies from exploiting workers. 

Local 525 has an Organizing Department dedicated only to organizing the industry’s in which we as United Association union members are sworn to protect. We will continue to honor our obligations to organize the unorganized as our forefathers did over a century before us. The officers and members of United Association Local 525 are committed to doing our part to ensure the same ideologies and principals are protected, secured and passed on for future generations of union members to uphold.