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Plumbing License Renewal - (12/28/2007)

Plumbing License Renewal

The 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code is now in full effect     throughout Southern Nevada and has been adopted by all the building departments.       By the end of December, most, if not all of the previously         licensed Journeyman in Clark County should have received a renewal letter from the Building Department.

All Journeyman regardless of when they tested will need to renew their Plumbing license by one of four ways if their license is expired.   If you have never had a Clark County Plumbing license, you will have to take the complete test from N.I.T.C.(150 questions).

 If you currently have a Clark County Plumbing license, it is most likely expired or about to expire. Licenses are good for three years from the date of issue. All of those that fall into this expired category may re-new their license with the (25 question) code update test.

This test is open book, and must be completed by June 1st, 2008. If you don’t have a copy of the 2006 UPC you can get one online @ WWW.IAPMO.ORG. The Training Center does not sell these books.

 If you need to use a computer for the test, we have a computer lab here and will assist you getting online with N.I.T.C. The four methods for renewal are : online (25 question, open book), request a take home test packet from N.I.T.C (25 question, open book), attend a 2006 code update class (like the one offered at the Training Center), or by attending an IAPMO code seminar.

If you complete the 48 hour class offered at the school, you will receive a certificate which may be copied and mailed to N.I.T.C. with $30. This will renew your license.

The same applies to a code seminar. Just mail in a copy of the certificate with your renewal fee. Be aware that fees vary for different renewal methods. The easiest ways to renew your   license is either the online test ($30), or the paper test($40), which are taken at home. Both Journeyman and Master plumbers can re-new with the same test methods.

In the near future, the Clark County Plumbing license will become a State of Nevada Plumbing license when Northern and Southern Nevada merge their licensing.

Once this happens, Enforcement should begin to police all those that don’t have a current plumbing license. 


Good luck!


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