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From the Local 525 Organizing department - (6/4/2007)

From the Local 525 Organizing department
It is not necessary to spend much time in Las Vegas before you come to realize that the city is unique. There are too many “No where else…” statements to count. This does not exclude the construction industry. For many years we have prided ourselves in the ability to construct a facility, large enough to accommodate the population of a small city, in just a couple of years. It has become commonplace for us to work on multi billion dollar jobsites. With that being said we must remember that there are many United Association jurisdictions that may only see one jobsite of that magnitude per decade. Yet we have multiple projects of that magnitude being built right now! With more in the planning stages as you read this!
There are many members who can recall a time when there was no work to be found in Las Vegas. The mid 80’s tested a man’s mettle and resolve. But the union proud members of Local 525 persevered and made it through to the current time of unprecedented prosperity. But success will test a person just as much as lean times. What do we do when there is so much work that our ranks are drawn thin, and our contractors need qualified employees to continue this era of prosperity? History has shown that there is only one answer, Organize!
So for years the search for qualified individuals, and stable contractors, has been on. The organizing department of Local 525 has worked diligently to find the workers that our contractors need. It is a necessary endeavor to undertake, lest we fall behind the market demands and loose our powerful ability to consistently get the job done!
There are many naysayers, who would have you believe that the organizing department is on a fool’s errand. Before you judge, you should arm yourself with the facts. We encourage you to come down and speak to us about what we do, and why we do it. There is a long hard road to membership in this local. Come speak to us about the steps it takes to become a union hand. There is nobody in our office that does not take great pride in this brotherhood we are members of. We work every day to protect our jurisdiction, and our future prosperity. So we encourage you to look into what we are doing upstairs at 760 N. Lamb. You may be surprised at how our department is an integral part of our future success.

Yours in brotherhood;

Derrick Stowell – Lead Business Representative
Lou Salazar – Business Representative Residential
Richard Carrillo – Business Representative Service and Refrigeration
Greg Esposito – Business Representative

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