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Protecting the integrity and quality of our work - (12/19/2007)

                If you have been paying attention to the news lately you have seen how corporate giant Harrah’s is being investigated for using unskilled workers to remodel their hotels. This issue affects us not only as tradesmen, but as residents of Clark County. If faulty workmanship were ever to blame for a disaster like disease or a fire, not only would the loss of life be tragic, but our construction and tourism industries would suffer. We need to be observant on our job sites, and safeguard against anything like this from happening again.
                The Clark County Department of Development Services would like your help. If you ever see work that may affect the public health or safety being done by unqualified individuals please call their department at (702) 455-8040. They will investigate your claims, and take appropriate action.
                Of course if you see unlicensed or incorrectly licensed people doing our work please do not hesitate to call or e-mail your Business Agent with the details. We need to continue to protect the integrity of our industry. Our future success depends on it.

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