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Shop Union and save! - (11/26/2007)

Everyone should understand the importance of buying Union made products. Supporting Union members across the country serves an important part in keeping our own Union strong. Please check out the Union companies at the Union Label link below. Use the search feature at the top left of the page to find the goods and services that you are looking for.



There are many corporations around the world that work very hard to harm Unions. These companies do not believe in safe working conditions, or fair representation for its employees. Supporting these corporations by spending your Union wage buying their products hurts the security of our brotherhood. Please follow the link below to find out who we should not support while shopping for goods or services.


The AFL-CIO has negotiated with many major retailers to bring Union members across the country discounts and benefits. Taking advantage of these discounts could save you hundreds while shopping for items you need. Please visit the Union Plus website below to discover how you can use your membership to save your family money!

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