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  1. To inform members of the events occurring in the political arena that relate to their lives and livelihood. To find, recommend, and support politicians that support labor. To make members aware of pending legislation and political causes in order for them to make an educated decision on the subject, and participate in activities that behoove themselves, their families and their Union.
  2. To assemble and inform a working body for the purpose of participating in activities relating to politics, political campaigns, and political legislation. To encourage all members to participate monetarily or physically in the efforts of current or potentially in the future elected official to support labor and labor laws current or pending.

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Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? - (2/23/2010)

There are many reasons why you may no longer be registered to vote. If you have moved, or if a notification mailed to you from the election department was undeliverable, your voter registration may have been suspended. Your vote is your voice. You are a Union member so you already know your voice matters. Please take the time to visit this website;


It is a link to the Clark County Election Department. Enter your name and birth date into the appropriate fields and it will tell you if you are registered to vote. Over the next couple of months your Political Action Committee will be mailing you information about the candidates running for the various offices up for election on June 8th. How you vote is your personal choice, but we urge you to support the Union friendly candidates that will support you, your families and your future.



John Allen

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